Top 15 Fashion Brands in Social Media

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The most powerful fashion brands are stepping into style with the help of social media.  Fashion brands are doing everything in their power to beat out their competitors and making great strides to tackling the social media world. But who ranks the most supreme? We’re going to discuss the top 15 brands that are  innovating the social spectrum and reaching new heights in the digital world. 

Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, and Coach are at the bottom of the leader board but making great efforts on reaching the top. Coach is making its way through social media by understanding the  luxury aspect in global marketing. Just recently they launched an eCommerce capability in China, called the Chinese New Year Promotion. With the unique use of WeChat presence and e-card campaign, Coach is connecting across the globe while doing it in great fashion. 

Vans, Michael Kors, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dior, are coming in next on the leader board. Vans and Dior have made great efforts in engaging conversation with their viewership. Dior has compiled more than 16 million views on their recent  Youtube channel.

Then coming in at the top five brands in social media are Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and Forever 21. They’re not only at the top of the charts in social media, but also winning when it comes to being the most innovative. These brands are the top of the leader board because of their innovative campaigns and success in social media follower-ship. Forever 21 has not only made Instagram an exciting and playful application but has also created a great tool to connect to its customers base.

But there can only be one leader, and who is it you ask? The winner for the top social media fashion brand is none other than Burberry. According to Sprinklr data, Burberry is ranked number 1 beating out all of its social media competitors. They were the first brand to join instagram but also the first to create a digital store solely based on the social media world.





Fashion Brands & High Tech Trends

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There is no doubt that social media is reshaping the fashion industry but recently it’s achieved new heights! Don’t have an exclusive invite to New York Fashion Week? No need due to the invention of live streams of runway shows! The digital world has reached new heights and has created the ability to anybody show’s anybody to view the hottest fashions to date.

Designer Prabal Gurung has joined forces with the KCD, the international fashion public relations and production agency, in creating an online stream of his fashions on video.

It’s an all access online pass that will feature behind the scenes footage, interviews with the designer himself and photos of the latest trends. This new digital tool will allow viewers to experience an imitate viewing from the comfort of their home from all angles of the show.

Not only is this new stream of social media allowing more exclusive footage but it’s allowing those in the fashion industry to have a voice which they weren’t able to have before. For instance, supermodel Coco Rocha has recently switched to Facebook to increase her interaction with her fans. She commented saying “It’s not only great for my career, but it allows me to speak for myself.” She continues, “As models, we are known for our cheekbones rather than what we have to say, but I can really reach out to so many people with social media.”

The fashion industry is evolving and recently has been updating wifi and cell phone reception to give more comfort to their social media prospects. There is no doubt that social media is a great mass medium for the fashion world.  Fashion designers are becoming social media pros and significantly improving the connection between designer and costumer, one tweet at a time.


Social Media All-Access Pass

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Fashion designers haven’t been shying away from the great benefits social media has to offer. Brands such as Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff and Tommy Hilfigure are a few out of many other fashion designers that are becoming not only digital natives but also social media innovators.

Social media is not only a popular commodity in this day in age but a great promotional tool when it comes to a fashion brand. Digital native, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff recently partnered with Snapchat by sending “now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t” sneak peak of her latest spring 2014 looks. She is not only innovating ways of putting her brand out there in the social world but doing it in a style along the way.

Just this year, Minkofff joined forces with Keek, by uploading several videos per day to show her followers how she preps before a runway show. The Keek campaign featured one-on-one interviews along with sneak peeks into her upcoming look book.
Minkoff explained her reasoning to partner with Keek was,“The Keek community and the videos they were wanting, the concept of ‘taking me with you on my day,’ it seemed like it was a perfect fit for the platform.”

Minkoff and the rest of the fashion industry are slowly but surely redesigning  the social media spectrum. With  the constant tweets, Snapchats and Keeks there’s no doubt that social media is making its impact and revolutionizing the fashion world.

Vogue vs. Media

Photo By_Annie Leibovitz_Vogue

Photo By_Annie Leibovitz_Vogue

The coveted fashion magazine is receiving multiple backlash due to its recent editorial issue. Why the scrutiny you ask? The popular media mogul couple “Kimye” (also known as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) have been plastered on the latest Vogue issue, incorporating a cliche intimate embrace, featuring a voluminous champagne bridal gown and fake smile sported by the controversial starlet herself.

What’s the reason for such backlash? It comes from the viewership’s response such as celebrities threatening their subscriptions and expressing their disgusts towards none other than the famous,  Editor-In- Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour.  Anna Wintour expresses her reasoning by stating, “Part of the pleasure of editing Vogue, one that lies in a long tradition of this magazine, is being able to feature those who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it. I think we can all agree on the fact that that role is currently being played by Kim and Kanye to a T. (Or perhaps that should be to a K?).”


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This is a great indication (possibly sad for  some) that social media is shaping and molding this everyday world we live in. If for example, a social media “queen” were to be able to gain the opportunity to be on the front cover of Vogue, (other than lack of talents) you had to point to reasoning due to the media and the use of social media follow-ship. Although it’s heartbreaking to Vogue fans, especially ones like myself, you can’t help but agree that social media is a great tool in this modern day world, not only in society but sweeping the effects it has on the fashion industry one Vogue issue at a time.

Introducing Fashion 2.0



Famous supermodel Coca Rocha and many other fashion moguls have joined in on the social media world. Coca Rocha is not only becoming a digital native herself but also states she wouldn’t have had such an amazing career without it. She says, “Social media has certainly changed my career and for that matter every aspect and job within the fashion industry.” Rocha continues, “The brands and people in fashion who are thriving today are the ones who are boldly embracing the new and pushing the boundaries of art and commerce in this digital world. This is the essence of Fashion 2.0.

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Fashion 2.0 is the first of many when it comes to fashion and social media award shows.  Slowly but surely, fashion is evolving and staying in style by embracing the newest fashions social media has to offer. Coca Rocha is a great fashion model but if it weren’t for her follow-ship and her close intimate connections with her fans, her career wouldn’t exist. When it comes to fashion moguls, using social media as a platform comes with its benefits and Coca Rocha is a great example of that.

Fashion 2.0 exemplifies how much of an impact the digital world is affecting the fashion industry. With this new social media generation, it just goes to show that anyone with a big enough voice and  social media following, could be in the running for a Fashion 2.0 award as well.

Instagram Lovers


Instagram Photos by_Kate Spade

Step aside Facebook and Twitter, because Instagram could be the newest muse when it comes to the fashion industry. After only two years, Instagram has accumulated 150 million monthly users. The adorable framing to the unique use in filters, it comes as no surprise the fashion industry is loving the social media app.

Jason Wu, a well renowned fashion designer who has been addicted to Instagram says, “Imagery is such a big part of how we get inspired.” Jason Wu not only loves Instagram but has a profile ranking close to 85,000 followers. He impressively follows 150 users himself. Wu continues saying,  “You’re privy to their way of thinking, or at least what they want you to think, and that changes the way we design.”

Another fashion designer named Wes Gordon also expressed his opinion about the social media app, “But Instagram feels more personal to me.” Mr. Gordon continues, “Instagram is a nice glimpse into someone’s world that’s real and not too affected.” The detail that Instagram has over its competitors is the visual element. Instagram allows designers to get a better indication of the customer’s point of view.

A lot of other designers have been far from shy about their obsession over Instagram. Famous designer, Tommy Hilfigure was recently interviewed about social media and said, “Everything is in real time. Everyone tweets and instagrams everything that’s happening, from backstage to the models, to what they’re wearing to the audience.”  Hilfigure continues, “I want to be the designer with strength in social media.” Tommy Hilfigure not only wants to rein social media supreme but recently did a social media campaign called “Instameet” during New York City’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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Instagram has successfully gained a measurable edge over Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube and even Facebook. A recent L2 study showed that Instagram has reached 25 times more on engagement than any other social media platform. At the end of the day, when it comes to fashion and the customer, social media is key.

Overall, it comes as no surprise that Instagram is a big hit in the fashion world. With one little picture and your choice of filter, both designers and consumers are creating a constant, trendsetting conversation in the digital world.




The new revolution of social media is sweeping the fashion industry by storm, and top fashion brands aren’t skipping out on the newest trend. Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are a few of the many social outlets that top fashion brands are partnering with. Pinterest is a popular social network that is already responsible for 23% of the social media purchases. The topic of product conversation from the people is not something that fashion designers should stay away from. Here are the top 6 tricks that can make or break your fashion brand.

1.   Pictures are Worth 1,000 Tweets

Social media is becoming the number one platform for all fashion brands. The topic of conversation amongst consumers is a great way to get involved and interact between customer and consumers. Social outlets like Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter are popular networks that generate a lot of media and traffic.

2.   Tailor Your Message

Another tip that fashion brands are using is the ability to know their audiences. Fashion houses are able to attract both the Twitter and Facebook users based on their messaging. When it comes to Instagram compared to Twitter, Instagram is visual and is able to capture key interest that twitter users wouldn’t normally appreciate. Whether as Twitter, some fashion brands like Kate Spade are using hashtags like #ohnewyork, to lighten up the conversation and connect with their fan base.

Instead of just pushing the products on the daily, fashion brands are trying to tell a story rather than sell one.  Certain brands like Christian Dior created “Secret Garden- Versaille” a video that promoted a luxurious new collection. Instead of posting an Instagram picture of the collection, Christian Dior did something out of the box and uploaded their video to YouTube. It not only expressed the fashions, but also told a story in the process.

4.   Don’t be such a Follower

Fashion industries aren’t just gaining followers but are interacting with them. Fashion brands are using trending hashtags and hosting contests, to establish a relationship with their followers. By using contests and promotional products, they are allowing the social media follower to become engaged and involved in a conversation. Also with the use of YouTube and other social networks, fashion industries have embraced in the idea of the customer being the seller. User-generated content allows the fans of the fashion brand to sell free content, which you as the fashion label gain beneficial rewards and site traffic.

5.   Spanx aren’t the only thing that’s fake in fashion

With the increasing popularity of Twitter, many fashion CEO’s and designers are connecting with their fan base by setting up their very personal account. By being yourself and showing your viewership the good the bad and the ugly, a new meaning is given to the customer and consumer relationship. Expressing yourself and giving a personal side, you can take your brand to the next level.

6.   Offline was so last season

As social media gains more followers and the fashion industry flourishes, more and more fashion houses are using the internet to connect in numerous ways. Through the use of their websites or YouTube, fashion brands are allowed to connect the downtown streets of New York to your bedroom by the use of streaming video.

Pinterest is also another website many fashion brands’s are using these days. Last month, J. Crew debuted their fall collection through Pinterest and in the process gained a relationship and word of conversation between them and the internet.

CEO of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts is taking the idea of social media and fashion to a whole new level. She made it on the cover of Forbes magzine and multiple other covers because of her creative abilities and high tech fashions that she’s incorporating into a new Burberry store. With the shift and development of social media being a central commodity, she embraced this new generation era and took it to new heights than any other fashion design or label has done before.

Although social media is continually rising in popularity, there is a chance that some fashion brands could adopt and then throw away it as if it were last season. Fashion industries are quick and responsive. One day you could be in and one day you could be out, I’m not talking about the loss of wifi connection. But beware of the trial and adoption theory when it comes to certain fashion brands.


#Fashion & #Social Media


Social Media is the top selling trend when it comes to the Fashion Industry. Twitter and Instagram are the new hot commodities that any designer is willing to buy. Look out Anna Wintour, because twitter celebs and bloggers are snatching front row seats to the hottest fashion shows.

Fashion labels aren’t going out of style, only keeping up to date when it comes to their social media circles. Nowadays, every fashion brand maintains a website along with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles. Some fashion brands are even willing to stream their runaway shows and upload new videos to YouTube.


Marc Jacobs is famous for his amazing talent and incredible fashion line. But what people don’t know that he’s even fashion forward when it comes to social media. Marc Jacobs brand has offered free merchandise and perfume samples if someone blogs or tweets the hashtag #MJDaisyChain.  Marc Jacobs brand not only is adapting to the new shift in media, but is rewarding his customer’s for their “follows” and social media traffic.


Some other brands like Victoria Secret are leading the charts when it comes to social media. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is a nationally broadcast event, that young audiences tune in to every year to watch models strut their stuff on a runway, wearing flashy undergarments. But what most industries are doing nowadays is embracing the digital era  and creating the conversation on the web. The Victoria Secret brand is studying their audience’s demographic, pushing the message out into social media, and changing it up so their audiences are coming back for more. With Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, many brands are jumping on the social media band wagon and creating new relationships with a just a simple hashtag.





Social media and fashion aren’t that different from one another. A new must have app could be hot and then not in just a matter of seconds, just like Crocs were once considered a fashion must have (and now not so much). The point is fashion trends come and go, just like old technology but the overall factor comes down to public’s opinion. Social media has become so popular today its allowed anyone to connect to large audiences at the touch of their fingertips.   Celebrities for example are often considered hot commodities because of their wide ratio in followers and their connection with their fans. To paparazzi and fashion industries, Celebrities are like walking advertisements.

But to due to the digital revolution, bloggers and social media experts are getting VIP treatment and snatching the front row seats. Bloggers generate such great social media and popularity, that designers are doing everything in their power to have them at their shows. Bloggers are such a great source based on their great relationship with their readers. The one thing that bloggers and YouTuber’s seem to have that celebrity’s lack is overall authenticity. Bloggers are viewed by their audience as regular people and their word-of-mouth advertising is overall more effective than compared to Jessica Simpson selling you Weight Watchers.

Although every second you see a new celebrity coming out with a new fashion line or perfume, they do have a large fan base to be considered. Celebrities are constantly being photographed and cascaded on magazine stands, that they’re a great walking advertisement that fashion industries should prioritize. Both bloggers and celebrities have an overall effect on the social media and are great commodities to help spreading a fashion label into something hot rather than not.